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We take immense pride in using high-quality hair products from industry-leading brands Eleven and Unite in our salon. Their products not only deliver exceptional styling results but also enhance the overall health and integrity of your hair. By incorporating these top-tier products into our services, we ensure that every client benefits from the best hair care science and innovation available today. Furthermore, we're committed to guiding our clients in choosing the right products to maintain their style and hair health at home, fostering a salon-quality look every day.


Eleven Australia, established in 2011, exemplifies the Australian lifestyle through its innovative and simple hair care line. Their products, ranging from shampoos and conditioners to treatments and styling aids, are vegan, cruelty-free, and created with natural, sustainable ingredients. Recognized for their versatility and effectiveness, Eleven's products cater to a wide array of hair types and needs, promoting healthy and vibrant hair while also supporting an eco-conscious approach.

Shampoo: Eleven Australia's shampoos cleanse effectively while offering targeted care for various hair types and concerns. These shampoos not only remove impurities but also hydrate, protect, and enhance hair health. 

ConditionerEleven Australia's conditioners work to moisturize, detangle, and enhance the hair's overall health. These conditioners restore vitality, boost shine, and improve manageability. 

TreatmentEleven Australia's treatments provide deep nourishment, restore hair health, and protect it from future damage. 

StylingEleven Australia's styling range allows you to craft your desired look while simultaneously enhancing your hair's health. Offering control, texture, and shine for easy, personalized styling. 


Unite is a globally recognized hair care brand renowned for its high-performing, professional-grade products. Their wide range of hair care and styling solutions are developed to address various hair types and concerns, combining the best of scientific innovation with the practical needs of hairstylists and clients. Unite is committed to delivering uncompromising quality, maintaining the health and beauty of hair with each product they craft. 

ShampooUnite's shampoos are much more than cleansers; they nourish, moisturize, and strengthen hair while removing impurities. These shampoos maintain the hair's natural oils and improve its overall health. 

Conditioner: Unite conditioners are designed to moisturize, detangle, and protect hair while enhancing its natural beauty. These conditioners restore hair's natural vitality, add shine, and improve manageability.

TreatmentUnite's treatments offer targeted care to restore hair health, protect it from damage, and enhance its natural beauty. 

StylingUnite's styling products provide versatile solutions to create and hold your desired look while enhancing the health of your hair. These products offer control, texture, and shine, allowing you to craft a personalized look with ease.

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